”GOSHIN-BUDO”is the Real Self-Defence Martial Art

( The origin is Daito-ryu Aiki Jujutsu).

The reason that is chosen

•The mind and body become stronger

A unique method born out of the Japanese training method of martial arts trains the mind and body.


•Innovative skills and innovative ideas

Unlike fighting sports, he applies the movement of "Nihon Kenjutsu" to defenseism.


•You can start from any age

With the unique acquisition system of the "TSURUGI GOSHIN-BUDO", you do not need to practice for a long period like martial arts, and you can learn self - defense techniques in a short period of time.

The true art of self defense originated from ancient Samurai Budo, also known as Nihon-Budo. This is my martial arts,  I present "Tsurugi".

Get in touch with the real thing,

learn the real thing,

and come closer to the real thing